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How to Effortlessly Build A High Quality Children's Playhouse In a

Single Weekend Without Years of Woodworking Experience. 

Building a Tree House Castle, Log Cabin, Fort or Doll House Has Never Been Easier...

By John White - Professional Woodworker, Award-Winning Architect


Dear frustrated parent,

As a fellow parent I know that your children's "bored nagging" can be extremely aggravating.

Here's why your kids are climbing the walls...

One of the most rewarding and easiest weekend projects you can do to stimulate your child's imagination is to build an outdoor playhouse...

Not only will you stimulate their imagination, get them more friends and do something meaningful with them for a change, but you'll also be proud to know that you made something with your own two hands.

Also, building your own playhouse just makes economical sense. You can build a playhouse in just one weekend at a fraction of the cost of buying a pre-built one. Most pre-built playhouses need to be assembled anyway, you're really just paying hugely inflated prices for the material.

Unfortunately, building your own playhouse is not as easy as nailing some wood and wire mesh together. You need to take materials, insulation, ventilation, lighting, positioning and SAFETY into account. I know because I wasted both valuable time and effort at DIY stores.

When I started on my first outdoor playhouse project 25 years ago, I thought I knew it all. Then I bought the wrong materials, took the wrong measurements and I took a total of 6 months to complete my first playhouse. I found myself doubled over, embarassed and worn out after completion.

"There's Good News..."

I spent the next 5 years reading a ton of woodworking books, blueprints and playhouse plans. Most of them just left me with more questions than answers. They skip over many important parts, and the diagrams are often unclear or wrong. There was NOTHING that even came close to what I was looking for...

But as it turns out, all of these problems were really just a very lucky thing. They caused me to do the only thing that I could possibly do...I said to myself "Forget this, I'm making my own."

So to answer this question, and the cries of a fellow parent like yourself, I created...

The Weekend Playhouse
Quickstart Kit

Everything You'll Ever Need to Build Your Child's Custom Playhouse in Just One Weekend

The Weekend Playhouse Quickstart Kit


300+ pages of clearly illustrated step-by-step playhouse plans - Easy enough for a first-timer to follow and detailed
enough for an experienced woodworker to customize


Complete instructions for tons of playhouses including: wooden tree houses, castles, forts, log cabins, doll houses and more!


Offered in full-color and ready to print - Just find the plans you need and print them for reference and notes


All plans include 2 measurements metrics (feet/inches and cm/m) for your convenience


Each playhouse plan includes a complete shopping lists of necessary materials and tools


Immediate download - the entire kit is delivered in digital PDF that will be delivered to you immidiately (No shipping costs!)

Reserve Your Copy Right Now

"Get Access To Detailed Material Lists & Blueprints"


"With Step-By-Step Instructions & Easy To Follow Guides"


"All Plans Are Delivered In FULL Color With A Picture Of The Final Result"


Here's What A Few Soon-To-Be Fellow Members Are Saying...

The truth is, woodworkers and hobbyists alike are already flooding my inbox with positive response on the "Weekend Playhouse Quickstart Kit":

"I built my first playhouse in just three days"

"I have been wanting to build a playhouse for years now, but I never had the guts to go through with it.

I finally tried the Weekend Playhouse Quick-start Kit a few weeks ago and I managed to build my first playhouse in just three days. The plans and instructions are so easy to follow!"

Douglas Clifford,
Houston, TX


"In two weekends, I built my daughter the best playhouse in the neighborhood!"

"My daughter had wanted a playhouse for two years... but I didn't want to spend thousands on one of those 'kits'. Thanks to your instructions and diagrams, I finally built her playhouse - quickly and easily! Now all the neighborhood kids are coming to our house to play!"

Lee Rowley,
Westerville, OH


"...Now I can fulfill a little boys dream..."

"Thank you very much for the great information and plans. Now I can fulfill a little boys dream of a treehouse without worries of danger to his safety and my dignity from a half arsed and dodgy attempt."

Jamie Moyle

Claim Your Copy Right Now >>

"There's Literally Nothing Like This Package
On The Market Today"

That's a statement I do not take lightly. But as I mentioned earlier, I've been in this business for years and I haven't found anything like this for less than 100's of dollars.

Take a look at this comparision chart below:

comparision chart

"Skill Level Does NOT Matter"

All plans included in the Weekend Playhouse Quickstart Kit has been designed to make it easy for everyone to get started. You will be able to build your own playhouse using my plans even if:


You're born with two left hands! - You do not have to be an experienced woodworker or carpenter to build your own playhouse. My plans guide you through each project in an easy-to-follow step-by-step manner.


You've failed in the past! I know how frustrating it can be trying to build you're own playhouse free-handed. You've measured twice, cut once but somehow it's still not right. If you follow the Weekend Playhouse Quickstart Kit you'll make sure you never go off course.


The Boldest Money-Back Guarantee Ever Offered

The Weekend Playhouse Quickstart Kit Is Backed By Our
100% Money Back Guarantee To Provide You With The Absolute Best Plans and Schematics For Building Any Playhouse...

I'm so confident in my plans and instructions that I'm willing to put all the risk on me. In fact, I've decided to do something that some people may consider outright crazy.

Here's the deal: Try out the Weekend Playhouse Quickstart Kit for a full 60 days. If you for some unexplainable reason don't like the plans, just send me an email to support@buildingaplayhouse.com within the 60 day period and I will personally refund all of your money.


It's really that simple, because I want to make this a no-brainer for you and take away all the risk.

So essentially, you have a 60-day "trial" to the most complete playhouse course available anywhere. And if you do decide to cancel you can still keep everything included in the package as my way of saying "thanks for giving this a try".

To put it simply: you have nothing to lose! So go ahead and claim your copy right now.

As if this wasn't a no-brainer I am also going to throw in two bonuses worth $54 for free.

Special Time-Limited Bonus
(take action today and you'll receive them)

Woodworking 101

(Value: $27 - Yours FREE!)

woodworking 101

Now that you have the confidence to tackle some great woodworking projects - how about taking your hobby one step further?

If you order today I'll send you Woodworking 101 - an easy to follow guide to weekend woodworking.


5 Premium Furniture Plans

(Value: $27 - Yours FREE!)


Learn how to create customized indoor furniture to fit any room, need or lifestyle.

Once you caught the woodworking bug you'll want to expand your repetoire of projects. These 5 projects will impress anyone who sees them (and they're easy to build too)

Claim Your Copy Right Now >>

You Have A Choice To Make Today
Maybe For The First Time In Your Life

a) You can keep trying to build your own playhouse the way you've been doing it, brace yourself and hope for the best


b) You can join 2858+ (and counting) fellow parents, woodworkers and professionals by letting the Weekend Playhouse Quickstart Kit give you the full range of plans and step-by-step instructions to create stunning, well designed playhouses, effortlessly and on time.

Which Is It?

YES John, I'm Ready To Have The Weekend Playhouse Quickstart Kit

Give Me Access To This Amazing Package And Bonuses Right Now...

the weekend playhouse quickstart kit


I understand that I'll get instant access to this gold mine of playhouse plans and schematics


Plus I'll get access to both the "Woodworking 101" and "5 Premium Furniture Plans" bonuses for FREE (valued at $54)


In addition, I understand that I will forfeit this introductory price and the bonuses if I don't place my order today


I further understand that my purchase is backed by the 100% Money Back Guarantee. If I don't like the product I can claim my full refund for 60 days

Good luck building your new playhouse,

john white
Founder & Author of Bulding A Playhouse

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Remember that your purchase is backed by my 60 Days 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you for some reason whatsoever don't like what you'll find inside, simply drop me an email and I'll refund all of your money - NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Download My Copy Now!

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